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Because you can't afford to have dropped calls hit you where you work.

Help Expand the Reach of depends on YOU, the consumer, to report areas of poor cell service or cell phone dead spots.

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How do Drop Zones effect you?

Annoying & inconvenient (49%)
Cannot replace home phone (10%)
Creates a safety gap (13%)
Crimping social life (5%)
Poor reflection on business (21%)
Other (3%)
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You can help improve cell phone coverage in your area by bookmarking this site.

Can the cell phone coverage and cell phone reception in your area or areas where you travel be improved?

Wireless communication has become an integral part of everyday life. Reliable cell phone coverage, cell phone reception and wireless coverage becomes ever more important as the volume of personal and business uses of cell phones and other wireless devices continues to increase. It is the general purpose of the site to assist in the improvement of cell phone/wireless coverage throughout the United States. For more information please visit the About Us page.

What do I need to do? depends on YOU, the consumer, to report areas of poor cell service or cell phone dead spots. Submit a drop zone to tell us where you experience dead spots or poor cell phone reception. And be sure to share this site as more submissions improve the amount of focus on an area or areas. We encourage anyone to report a problem with cell phone reception, whether it affects Social, Business, Safety, In-home or General Communication. You can see your entry and others by visiting the Status & Updates page.

How does this help improve cell phone reception?

Dead spots or bad cell phone reception can be related to numerous factors. collects and compiles the information that you submit via this site and works to provide the data to groups and companies (such as tower developers, telecommunications carriers and local planning and zoning boards) in an effort to improve existing coverage or add coverage to new areas. As with most issues, more entries can equate to more focus on the areas that need improved coverage.

Stop Cell Phone Dropped Calls with

You can help put an end to cell phone dropped calls with Our goal is to compile data on dropped calls across the country so that we can help telecommunications carriers, tower developers, and planning/zoning boards identify where infrastructure improvements are most needed. Cell coverage problems occur all too often, and are most undesirable in a day and age when cellular use is the norm; and families, friends, and businesses depend on them to stay connected.

Identifying cell phone dead spots by reporting your AT&T dropped calls, Sprint dropped calls, Verizon dropped calls, T-Mobile dropped calls or problems with any other telecommunications carrier is the first step in promoting improvements in cellular reception in your area. Regions with the most dead spots or drop zones reported will receive more attention and focus, so spread the word with your neighbors, co-workers and social networks, informing them about, so that they can submit reports detailing their problems as well.

If you have any questions about, don't hesitate to consult our FAQ page, which includes detailed answers to many commonly asked questions about However, if you don't find what you're looking for, we'd be glad to assist you further if you contact us using the information provided on this site.

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